Our Solutions

Case Strategy Consulting 

If you need an objective opinion, we can help in a variety of ways, from theme development to discovery and visual aid strategy.  We also advise on settlement strategies, witness preparation, and jury selection strategies.  We are your “second chair,” standing by to advise and brainstorm with you to help you and your clients reach your goals.

Focus Groups

Juries can be unpredictable; so can the court of public opinion. Wouldn’t it be nice to know, before you roll out your campaign or pick your jury, what like-minded citizens think about your approach to an issue?  A focus group offers a rare glimpse of the case through the eyes of a truly independent viewer and takes the mystery out of going to trial or presenting your idea to the public. During our process, focus group panels are presented with graphics, case facts, theories, and arguments in a fair and balanced way to elicit a predictive view of how a jury would respond. Our focus group panels provide valuable insights into how your campaign, claim, defense, or argument will be received by those who will ultimately be your real audience. This pre-trial test run gives you an edge, allowing you to respond proactively and make meaningful changes to your strategy.

Focus group sessions are tailored to meet the needs and budgets of each client. Our team will coordinate focus groups from start to finish, including recruitment of panelists, handling session logistics, participating in the presentation of the issues in a balanced and unbiased way so as not to skew the results, and an analysis of the information obtained from the participants so that you can adjust your approach to increase your chances of success.  Sessions are held either in-person or remotely, and attorneys/clients are able to view the deliberations and questioning remotely or in person.

Witness Preparation

The credibility of a witness is influenced by the verbal content of their testimony and by non-verbal body language and demeanor. A nervous witness can lead jurors to discount facts or evidence. Whether you are planning to present a lay or expert witness, our process can help determine the strengths and weaknesses of a potential witness with the ultimate goal of helping them testify in a clear and confident manner.

Damages Analysis

Our objective is to determine a realistic range of damages that jurors may award and how jurors perceive the central issues and witness testimony that will inform their damages awards. This study is a critical aid in settlement negotiations.

Market Research

Before a media campaign is deployed, often at the cost of hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, it is critical that your brand and messages are tested and perform well. Our professionals are adept at drawing strong and diverse opinions from focus group participants to ensure the effectiveness of your message. We can organize, moderate, and analyze focus group sessions to ensure that the message you roll out will help you achieve your goals.

We Understand Cost is a Factor

Opinion Focused understands that cost is often a factor in determining whether to hire a trial consultant or conduct market research. We offer flexibility and will work with each client to tailor a process that delivers results and fits within your budget. Please contact us to discuss your needs.